Monday, April 2, 2012

The Whole Michelada

Last night, I stayed within my comfort zone for dinner. I made Black Bean and Corn Chilaquiles with Roasted Tomato and Chipotle Sauce with a side of Avocado-Butter Lettuce Salad. OK, I guess I was just slightly out of my comfort zone, as both recipes call for chopped, raw, red onions, which I never would have included before becoming The Unpicky Vegan, but in they went. Not only were they fine, but I must admit, those damn raw onions actually made the salad really good! Shocking! Raw onions, consider yourselves OWNED!

In keeping with both my Mexican theme, and my weekend Beer theme, I accompanied my dinner with a new twist on beer.... A Michelada.

I've noticed that Michaladas have become strangely trendy in Los Angeles over the past year. And I must say, their basic premise sure doesn't sound appealing! Not only do they include beer, but they include grapefruit juice... a double whammy of badness! On top of that, they require hot sauce, which is something I eat on the regular, but not something I am ever inclined to add to a beverage. But 113,423,047 Mexicans can't be wrong! So, I brazenly gave it a try.

Not shockingly, a Michalada tastes like a Corona with some Tapatio in it. :-) I cannot claim that these are two great tastes that taste great together, but I drank it all. And it did seem to go quite well with the food. Not sure if I'll ever be eager to drink one again, but I could handle one, if offered. And non, je ne regrette rien about trying one. No lamento nada either!

Well, maybe I do have one little regret. I was hoping to really horrify myself by drinking a beer / grapefruit juice combo, but the amount of grapefruit juice that went into this drink was so miniscule, it was not even detectable. So, here I am, with a whole bottle of grapefruit juice to contend with! I have only 1 drink's worth of gin left in the bottle I need to "get rid of" before the fumigation, so I'm researching some kind of gin and grapefruit delight for this evening. Should be great! :-/ 

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