Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lord of the Onion Rings

I feel so slack lately... I've really been thrown off by this impending fumigation. I have been trying my best to eat or drink at least a little something awful everyday, but nothing seemed monumental enough to dedicate an entire post to. For example, I realized I had gotten a little big for my britches (in more ways than 1!).... after drinking so much grapefruit juice lately, and effortlessly eating grapefruit in my salad on Sunday, I assumed I was ready to eat a raw, unadorned, grapefruit half. Turns out, grapefruit still tastes terrible! ;-) I covered the other half in about an inch and a half of agave, which helped a little, but not enough. Also, I was starting to get smug about, "I'm fine with dark beer now." And then, I tried a KBC Lager. I was most definitely not fine with that dark beer! I gotta keep on keeping on!

We went to Veggie Grill today, so that Hubby could claim his free birthday meal. I really wanted to eat something I didn't like, but at a place like Veggie Grill, which specializes in burgers, sandwiches and salads full of fake meat, I knew it would be hard to find something I didn't like! I could live off of that stuff! After scouring the menu full of delicious things I wanted to eat, I spotted the All American Stack... a sandwich I would most certainly enjoy, except for one little aspect: it comes with onion rings on it.

If you like it, then you should have put an onion ring on it.

So today, I ate my first onion rings! I know this is stunning. How could I have made it that long as an American without eating an onion ring?!? Well, it's pretty simple. Remember, I refused to eat anything with onions in it, until 10 or so years ago. So, eating a gigantic circle of onion was never an option for me, even considering the fact that it was battered and deep fried. Over the past 10 years, while my tolerance of onions has grown considerably, such a big chunk of onion seemed like a bad idea. And besides, any time onion rings were an option, french fries were also an option... and I KNOW I like french fries, so why mess around with onion rings?

Well, they sure weren't what I was expecting! I assumed they would be more, you know, onion-y... I was surprised at how sweet they were! Still, I liked them just fine. I mean, pretty much anything that has been deep fried is going to taste good, right? I bet I would enjoy a deep fried grapefruit or a deep fried seaweed snack!

So, there you have it. I would happily eat onion rings again, and it's a shame I ignored them for almost 4 decades! I mean, they're obviously inferior to french fries... they are even inferior to deep fried pickles... but there is no reason I should have shunned them for that long! Onion rings, I owe you an apology for those decades of neglect!
I am one step closer to eating like a true American.
And now... off to continue the kitchen purging and cleaning process!

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