Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wheat Isn't Murder

After that major setback I faced yesterday, due to those horrendous seaweed snacks, I am pleased that I have some progress to report!

As I mentioned, this is gonna be a bit of a slack week. A week from today, I will be moving into a hotel room with my angry cat. I have been trying REALLY hard to focus on just using up the food we have in the house. And with the help of my Recipe App, I did an extremely good job this week! Case in point: I normally spend at least $130 per week on groceries, which covers everything for my husband and myself, as well as the meals I cook for my Personal Chef Client. This week, I spent only $90 for everything. So, I didn't go all crazy buying any Weird Things. I promise I'll go wild again after the tenting!

My husband came back from his trip last night. He spent Easter with his family. I didn't join him, mostly because of work obligations but also, let's be honest. The worst person who could possibly show up at your Easter Brunch would be a vegan! ;-) So, I didn't mind skipping it, and letting everyone have their fun eating chickens' periods and pigs' corpses away from my judging eyes.

I wanted to have something delightful for my husband to eat when he got home, so I tried my hand at recreating one of his favorite dishes, Fish 'n Chips. It was a little offbeat, as I used Sophie's Kitchen Breaded Vegan Fish Fillets, accompanied by Salt and Vinegar Potato Bites. And since I had managed to pick up a couple of beers this week, I figured that it would be only right to serve some KBC Wheat Beer with this particular meal.

To review, my husband has found that he is partial to wheat beer, and he can drink it with no problem now. I have found that I dislike wheat beer, and that I am partial to lager and stout. Hence, I need to keep drinking wheat beer! And I think maybe I have finally turned a corner with it! Because, I took my first sip, and thought YUCK...... but then, I drank the rest of my glass, and I didn't give it any additional thought. I know I was excited to see my husband again, and I was enjoying my Fish 'n Chips, but still! Apparently, I didn't hate every sip, or I would have paid more attention to it. Not only did it not kill me, but it didn't even make me suffer much! I think I have progressed to being indifferent to wheat beer! For me, that is HUGE!

I'm down with KBC?!? I don't know me!

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