Friday, April 6, 2012

Go Greyhound

Sometimes, everything aligns perfectly. It happened to us yesterday. For a few months now, my husband and I have been wanting to have an adventure and WALK to Musso and Frank, which is a 7 mile round trip. We did it once before, but it was by accident that time... we had walked to dinner (2 miles from home) and had planned on walking to a movie after dinner, but plans changed, and we walked to Musso and Frank instead.  And I had such a good time doing that, I wanted to do it again! Meanwhile, my husband got hooked on the idea of visiting M&F during the quiet hours, between 2 and 5 PM, on weekdays. And I got obsessed with having a Greyhound there. And my husband got a craving for their Chicken Pot Pie, which they only serve on Thursdays. As luck would have it, my work was canceled yesterday.... and we got a surprise $100 in the mail, from my parents, with instructions to Go Out To Eat. So, that is how I ended up at Musso and Frank at 3:15 yesterday afternoon, experiencing my first Greyhound.

It was a warm and sunny day in Los Angeles yesterday, right around 70 degrees. After walking 3.5 miles in the sun, I was sure happy to sit down at that cool, dark bar and order a refreshing cocktail! I love Manhattans, but in no way could they be considered to be refreshing! But people swear that Greyhounds are quite refreshing, so it was the perfect time to temporarily put aside my snobbishness about vodka, and finally Go Greyhound.
I expected to find the bar looking like this at 3 PM on a Thursday, but it was actually full of Manny Aguirre fans!
Anyway, the refreshing Greyhound, as you may know, consists of only 2 ingredients, vodka and grapefruit juice, neither of which I like! But I must really be getting used to grapefruit juice, because it went down pretty easy! Sure, it was still a bit bitter, but not so much that it was off putting. And I'll be damned if it wasn't refreshing!

A friend had tipped me off that maybe I should try eating a Cara Cara Orange, as kind of a midway fruit, between oranges and grapefruits. So, before I left on our trek, I energized myself with a Cara Cara Orange. And I would agree that it is somewhere in between and orange and a grapefruit. I didn't like it at first, but by bite 3, I was into it. I would willingly eat one again!
Looks like a grapefruit, but none of that awful after taste!
Anyway, I'm on my own for the weekend. My goal is to drink the rest of the bottle of grapefruit juice (both in adult versions and undiluted). Maybe I'll just get into the habit of walking 3.5 miles in the sun and then, I will find the grapefruit juice to be nice and refreshing!

Oh, and one more unrelated plug for Musso and Frank. My husband had Manny make him a Sidecar. He drinks them often, but neither of us had ever had a Manny Sidecar before. (Manny gave me a little martini glass of Surplus Sidecar to drink, along with my Greyhound.) Forget about making the Best Martini in America.... he should be known instead for making the Best Sidecar in the Universe! Amazing, and I highly recommend it to one and all!
I must say, it's more fun to ride in this Sidecar than to Go Greyhound!
And no.... still haven't touched another seaweed snack..... :-/

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