Saturday, April 28, 2012

Progress Report #2

OK, here is where I stand now, 2 months into this project. This will also help to catch up those of you who haven't been following along since the beginning of this adventure...


* Raw Onions
* Tonic Water
* Tabbouleh
* White Wine
* Endive
* Parsnips
* Kohlrabi
* Lamb's Quarters
* Root Beer
* Sauerkraut
* Mustard
* Baba Ghanoush
* Taro Chips
* Daikon
* Radishes
* Earl Grey Tea
* Pickled Ginger
* Broccoli Rabe
* Onion Rings
* Poutine
* "Everything" Pretzel Slims
* Beer, dark
* Grapefruit Juice, when served in a cocktail that includes sweet ingredients

Works in Progress...

* Grapefruit
* Seaweed Snacks
* Beer, light
* Mole
* Cranberry Juice
* Champagne
* Turnips
* Radicchio
* Mineral Water
* Bloody Mary
* Kombucha
* Sea vegetables

Haven't Gotten Around To.... Yet.

* Ginger Beer
* Green Tea Flavored Treats
* Baklava
* Tiramisu
* Spaghetti Squash 
* Brazilian Food
* Herbal Tea
* Lemongrass
* Chocolate with Spicy Stuff in it
* Raw Foods
* Floral Flavored Foods

New Additions... Because I Keep Thinking of More and More Foods I Dislike or Have Never Eaten

* Ruben Sandwich
* "Jerk" style foods
* "Blackened" style foods
* Flavored waters
* Chai

I must admit, I am pretty impressed with myself thus far! :-)
My husband has declared that he "likes everything" now.... and I have been shocked and impressed with his current ability to devour all kinds of things he wouldn't have touched 2 months ago.... most notably, mustard, avocados, beer and pickles.

Both my husband and I feel very liberated by this whole experiment, so far. We have both been surprised at how easy it actually is to tolerate many things you had convinced yourself you hated, just by the mere act of "getting over yourself" and being willing to try things! He is relieved that he no longer has to live in constant fear that his sandwich is going to show up with surprise mustard on it! I am relieved that, as long as something is vegan, I will officially be willing to eat ANYTHING. I'm not saying that I like everything yet, but I can't think of any vegan food that I would turn my nose up at anymore... I'm game to at least try it all. Which is HUGE for me!

I will leave you with one more thought for today. If my husband and I can do this, and find it to be pretty easy to overcome most food aversions, then you can do it too. If a food is commonly considered to be good to eat, and millions of people on this Earth enjoy it, but you do not, the problem is with YOU and not with that specific food! :-) It is not inherently bad tasting or inedible! You just need to deal with yourself, and with minimal to moderate effort, you can learn to understand why everyone else likes to eat something that you think you hate. I challenge everyone to give it a try! You don't have to try to rid yourself of ALL of your hated foods, as I am trying to do, but why not try and conquer at least the one that you most commonly encounter? The one that your life would be made more convenient if you could just learn to like.... the one that you are always asking your waitress to leave off of your meal... the one that you are always leaving pushed to the side of your plate.... give it a try! I dare you!!! :-)

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