Friday, April 27, 2012

Not All Avocados Are Created Equal

I will start by admitting that this particular "weird food" was not really a challenge for me. I have never met an avocado that I didn't like! And as you know, my husband, inexplicably, did not like them. So, he sat by, for almost 10 years, and watched me at the Farmer's Market.... if I was in need of an avocado for my own purposes, he would sometimes point to a Fuerte, a Bacon or a Pinkerton avocado and I always rebuffed him, saying that "I only like Hass avocados." Which was always an exaggeration. True, I PREFER the Hass variety (and honestly, who doesn't?!?), but would I have ever picked a Reed Avocado off of my sandwich? Of course not! So, in the spirit this project, I had my husband pick out whichever Damn Avocado that he thought we should have this week, which is how I ended up with a Gwen Avocado. Whatever Hubby wants, Hubby gets!
Here I am at the Farmer's Market, deciding to embrace the Gwen Avocado. Next time, I won't forget my pants.
I had great plans for Gwen! Plans that tapped into one of the most important issues at the core of this very experiment.... the ability to share all of one's favorite foods with one's spouse! I decided to include Gwen in one of my favorite meals.... which is a meal that I have actually NEVER made for my husband before! For almost a decade, I have only made it for myself when he is out of town! This is because it heavily relies on both avocados and cucumbers, neither of which he would eat. But since he has also decided to "get over himself", he has decided that he "likes everything now." So, I was finally able to make him the Spicy Tofu Bento Bowl that I so love.

If they could see her now, inside a Bento Bowl!
Anyway, I used Gwen in the Bento. And I'm not gonna lie.... Gwen was a little watery and not as creamy as Hass. Not that I didn't still love her very much! But still, I ate leftovers of the Bento Bowl the following day, this time using a Hass. It did actually make a huge difference. The tofu is this dish is SPICY, and the Hass was much more effective in cutting the heat than meek little Gwen was capable of!

Tasting Gwen made my husband understand a little more that an Avocado isn't really an Avocado isn't really an Avocado. But interestingly, as an Avocado Neophyte, he discovered that he preferred the less robust Gwen, as she "asked less of him." So, maybe while my husband is still getting his feet wet with avocados, I should let him experiment with avocados that have low expectations. And I will hoard all of the Hass for myself!


  1. This isn't so much about the Gwen I guess, but all the same, I thought it would interest you to know that this salad looked so amazing that I had to make it. So I went out and got the things I didn't have and just made it. And devoured it. Sooo good!

  2. I'm so glad you made this.... It is awesome! And now, I get to have it even when my husband isn't out of town! :-)