Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tonic Boom!

I have a very busy week coming up, but I had nothing much going on today. So, I decided to take part in some of my favorite weekend leisure activities. I made a lovely brunch of a Mexican Polenta Scramble. And as the weather was supposed to be hot today, I figured I would kick off summer, and make a refreshing cocktail that we could drink while relaxing outside in the sun. I very recently saw a recipe for a Cucumber Mint Tequila Tonic, and this seemed like the perfect occasion to make something new, exciting and potentially challenging!

You may recall that I didn't like tonic water, but I gave a Gin 'n Tonic a try at Musso and Frank a month or so ago. While I didn't absolutely LOVE the tonic, I did gain an appreciation for the complexity it brings to a drink, and I had to admit that the G&T was pretty refreshing. So, I wanted to test my tolerance for tonic water, by employing it in my own fancy cocktail.
Yes, it looks like a Midori Sour, but unlike a Midori Sour, it's actually fantastic!
 The ingredients for this drink look like a List of Ingredients You Would Find in a Drink in Heaven..... English Cucumber, Mint, Cilantro, Agave Nectar, Lime, Tequila. That is a whole lot of deliciousness for one drink! You basically blend all of that stuff together, chill, strain the solids, then top off with tonic water. And with so many wonderful friends in this drink, I couldn't imagine there was any way that some tonic water could spoil this party!

And I was right! I was 100% ok with the tonic water, and this drink was excellent! My husband, although he has been amazing during this project and has been fighting his own food demons just as diligently as I have, he opted out of the tonic water. He tasted mine, then decided he'd rather have his topped with mineral water instead. I knew I liked my Tonic version of the drink, but I did take a sip of his Non-Tonic Variation, to see which one I preferred. And wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I liked my Tonic Version better! It sure had a lot going on, and it was very delicious and interesting!
Here I am, realizing I liked the Tonic Water version more!
Hereby, I declare that Tonic Water has been officially OWNED!

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