Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Progress Report

I've been at it for over a month now... figured it was time to offer up a progress report!


* Raw Onions
* Tonic Water
* Tabbouleh
* White Wine
* Endive
* Parsnips
* Kohlrabi
* Lamb's Quarters
* Root Beer
* Sauerkraut
* Mustard
* Baba Ghanoush
* Taro Chips
* Daikon

Works in Progress...

* Grapefruit
* Radishes
* Seaweed Snacks
* Beer
* Mole
* Cranberry Juice
* Earl Grey Tea
* Champagne
* Pickled Ginger
* Turnips

Haven't Gotten Around To.... Yet.

* Ginger Beer
* Radicchio
* Green Tea Flavored Treats
* Baklava
* Tiramisu
* Broccoli Rabe
* Mineral Water
* Spaghetti Squash
* Chicory
* Bloody Mary
* Brazilian Food
* Herbal Tea
* Lemongrass
* Kombucha
* Chocolate with Spicy Stuff in it
* Raw Foods
* Floral Flavored Foods
* Onion Rings

And for my progress entering recipes into my recipe app? About 1100 recipes in there so far! And I've gone through my paper recipes, and thrown away at least 100 of them, realizing I Am Never Going To Make That!

Finally, thanks to everyone who is sticking with me. Over 600 views and counting! Amazing!


  1. Have you revisited cranberry juice? I know you wanted to jump into 100%, but that might be a mistake - that's some hard-core health food juice. (health food as in GNC, not as in healthy food). Try a blend with some juice you do like.

    1. Yeah, you're probably right. I still have the same bottle of the undiluted juice that I first bought, and every couple of days, I basically drink a 3 oz shot of it, in hopes of acquiring the taste. It's not as bad as it once was, but I have a lot more drinking to do before I will actually like it!

  2. Congrats, you are doing great!