Thursday, July 26, 2012

Too Obsessed With Chicken Salad To Think of a Title

I haven't had much to report lately. As previously stated, I am almost out of things to eat and drink! And I'm still afraid of the seaweed snacks. ;-) In addition, my husband is away, and I've had a strange thing happen to me. I got obsessed with a recipe, and I've pretty much eaten the same meal, over and over again this week. It's so good, and I guess after spending most of the past 2 months eating nothing but veggies and whole grains, I'm enjoying it a little bit extra. And it's not even particularly unhealthy, or anything, but it sure is delicious! For the curious, the meal I've been having a love affair with is this Crispy Chicken Salad With Lima Beans and Pickles.
This is what has been keeping me company on the long, lonely nights without my husband.
But I didn't come here to talk about that salad (however, you can see that I am so obsessed with it, I couldn't stop myself from mentioning it!)! I have a few things to report.

* First came Root Beer..... then came Beer Beer.... and now, I can claim I have conquered my final beer, Ginger Beer! You may recall I drank some with my Jamaican dinner in Wisconsin, and I found it fine. The other day, my husband was generous enough to let me drink one of his prized bottles of Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer. And I made it through just fine, no problems! I don't like it as like much as I like Ginger Ale.... but it wasn't too long ago that I didn't like Ginger Ale either! So, maybe Ginger Beer will grow on me in time. Now, at least if we are serving my World Famous Moscow Mules to friends, I can have one with everyone else.... but I still will refuse to drink it from a copper mug. Me and my sensitive teeth don't enjoy the feeling of drinking from ice cold copper. :-/

* I went out for lunch with a couple of friends the other day to Mohawk Bend, where I happily drank my First Ever Local LA Beer On Tap. It was a Yellowtail Kolsch, and I enjoyed it very much! I also enjoyed pretending I was back in Wisconsin for the day, eating a sandwich and drinking beer with my lunch. :-)
Here I am, dreaming of Wisconsin. I'm with Penny Marshall again, who I run into around town more than you can imagine! I've had at least 3 Penny Marshall encounters!
* In the spirit of trying new things, and since I figured I was over my issues with Flavored Water, I went wild and drank one of those trendy O.N.E. Coconut Waters. And it was DELICIOUS! I never would have tried it during my days of thinking I don't like Flavored Water! But I'm glad I tried it now!

* Finally, I really am a changed woman..... I went to Musso and Frank last night... and did I order a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned?!? No, I did not, because all I had been thinking about all day (when I wasn't thinking about that Chicken Salad) was how delicious and refreshing a Gin & Tonic would be! I marched right in and got one, and thoroughly enjoyed it! If you told me 6 months ago that I would willing opt for a G&T as my M&F drink, I would not have believed you!
Of course, a girl can't live on G&T alone...
After having my delicious Gin and Tonic, I moved on to one of the famous Musso and Frank Martinis, but I even decided to mix that up a bit. I have only had Martinis with olives, until last night, when I decided to experiment with getting my Martini with a Twist of Lemon instead. And while I enjoyed it, I learned that I do prefer a Martini with olives! At least it's nice to know for sure, instead of blindly assuming that olives are the way to go.

OK, I'll be back when I have anything to report.... or when it's time to write up my monthly Progress Report. I'm proud of myself this month.... it's gonna be a great report this time! :-) In the meantime, I'm gonna go and make myself a Chicken Salad with Pickles and Lima Beans.....

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