Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grin and Beer It

I am flying back to Los Angeles tonight. But these 6 days in Wisconsin sure were productive. I am stunned to report this, but I have honestly conquered BEER! This is a day I thought I would never see!

I put myself on a strict beer regimen while I have been here, drinking local beers on tap (the only exception was that in Milwaukee, I felt it was only right to have a PBR. Yes, I can have that anywhere, but it is local in Milwaukee! ;-) More importantly, I drank it IN A MOVIE THEATER while watching a film, which is one of the most exotic things I have ever done!) and trying as many types as possible. I managed to drink an astounding (for me! I know this would equal one slow night for your average British guy!) *9* beers while I have been here, and took sips from 6 different kinds that my husband drank. Last night, I was all ready to write my triumphant blog. At that point, I was convinced I had met my objective, which was that I could happily accept a beer if offered one and I could at least kind of enjoy at least some kinds of beer. I was joking that, "well, that's done! Now I never need to drink beer again!" But even then, I admitted I could see occasions in which a beer would be more appropriate than other drinks. I mean, I can't argue that a beer wouldn't be better with a hot dog than a martini would be!

But then, last night, an unexpected thing happened to me. As I lay in my bed trying to sleep, I experienced the strangest feeling of, "I'd like to drink a beer." And the actual desire for beer was still there when I woke up this morning and, in fact, as I type this, I'm stunningly looking forward to having one last beer before I go home! Guys, I'm actually CRAVING beer! If that doesn't mean I have conquered beer completely, I don't know what would!!!

So there you have it. Wisconsin was the answer to my beer problem. Now, I guess I need to spend some time in Japan to work out my seaweed issues......

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