Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Tears For Tiramisu

Hey guys! It's my *100th* post! And I have over 2100 views! Thanks for sticking with me through 100 posts of strange and yucky foods and drinks!
Today, I decided to finally get around to eating something I have intended on eating since this blog began, but I never got around to it! Today was the day for Tiramisu!

In my research, I could only find one place in all of LA that I could definitely get vegan Tiramisu, the very healthy and very trendy macrobiotic restaurant, M Cafe. I have been to their location on Melrose a few times, but it has been years. We just never think to go there. Parking is a pain, the place is often extremely crowded and the food, while good, is expensive. However, I did have perhaps my most impressive celebrity sighting at that M Cafe. Anthony Kiedis. I mean, you see actors all the time in LA, but rock stars are rare to spot in broad daylight! Today, we went to the Beverly Hills location. We didn't see any rock stars today, but Steve Martin walked right past us. ;-)
I managed to snap a quick pic of Anthony Kiedis leaving M Cafe.
To start out with, I should mentioned that, in spite of my reputation as Sandwich Queen, and the fact all of their sandwiches looked so good, I instead ordered a very healthy meal! I got the M Cafe Macro Meal, which is "heirloom-varietal organic brown rice, steamed seasonal vegetables, hijiki seaweed, housemade pickles, and carrot-ginger dressing." And anyone who has been reading this blog at all would know why I opted to get that! So, I was expecting a lot more hijiki than what I got. Literally, there was about 1 tbsp of hijiki on my plate. I ate it all up in 2 bites, and had problem with it whatsoever. Which is good for me! :-)

After eating such a healthy entree, I was ready for my treat! Tiramisu is something I had only tasted in it's non-vegan form maybe once or twice. I didn't like it because I didn't like anything coffee flavored until I was in my mid-20's. But my main objection was the soggy texture. I'm just not one for soggy cake. I have never for a moment coveted a piece of Tres Leches cake, for example, and not merely because even an Uno Leche cake would turn me off. Soggy cake just never seemed like a good idea.
Cats, like cake, aren't meant to be soggy.

Upon first bite of my Tiramisu, I was reminded of my soggy issues. It's still strange to me, but I got over it almost instantly. Maybe because of the fact that I hadn't had any kind of treat or dessert since June 28, but I found myself shoveling it down pretty quickly. It tasted good, and the sogginess didn't deter me from behaving like I was in a Tiramisu Eating Contest.

Vegan Tiramisu, as stated, is hard to come by. If I encounter it again, would I eat it? Sure.... especially if there wasn't some kind of non-soggy cake that I could eat instead! :-D But I consider it conquered. I imagine that Tiramisu purists would tell me the vegan kind couldn't possibly count, as it lacks most of the major components of traditional Tiramisu (whipped egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, lady fingers), but as far as this vegan is concerned, the major component of Tiramisu is sogginess.... which I just happily ate.... in my mind Tiramisu = conquered. :-)

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