Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jerking Around in Wisconsin

I must start this post by really expressing something that I've been feeling lately. I have made some mention of leaning this way during the course of this project, but it's 100% official now. For the rest of my life, if anyone tells me that they "don't like" something, but that they have "tried to like it," I simply won't believe them. Because if I can learn to like BEER, of all things, then anybody can learn to like anything (within reason)! So, just so you know, if you ever tell me that you don't like coconut or peppers or olives or raisins or mushrooms or capers or cilantro, I'll be sitting there, judging you, thinking to myself that you are crazy (and lazy) and you never even tried. ;-)

Now that I've said THAT...... on to the real topic!

I mentioned in passing that I ate nothing but sandwiches during the whole 6 days of my vacation. Which was mostly true. Almost every day, I did, in fact, eat a sandwich for both lunch and dinner. Not gonna lie, I was pretty damn happy! I love sandwiches! Even my husband didn't really grasp how much I enjoy a good sandwich, and he was a bit surprised at my delight in eating sandwiches for every meal for almost a week!  However, there was one notable meal that did not involve a sandwich!
I did begin to feel just a little bit like this, after about the 10th sandwich.
Of all things, I discovered a Jamaican restaurant in Madison..... run by actual Jamaicans... that surprisingly offered up Jerk Tofu. So, I took a little moment away from obsessing over conquering beer and set my sights on conquering Jerk.

I'm assuming that this Jerk was the Real Deal. And yes, I liked it! And yes, I once again questioned why I thought I didn't like Jerk seasoning?!? (But a full disclaimer: I did end up with an upset stomach later that night, so while the Jerk agreed with my taste buds, it apparently didn't agree with the rest of me.) Still, tummy issues aside, I don't think I should waste any more time being afraid of the Jerk, unless it squirts me in the face with water while I am trying to give it an interview.

But wait, there's more! Not only did this meal not include a sandwich, it was also one of the rare meals in WI that didn't include a Beer Beer..... but it DID include a Ginger Beer! And I had no problem with that Ginger Beer! Sure, not my favorite thing I've ever tasted, but certainly not bad! I'll try maybe one more of the special Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beers we have at home, and make sure I can handle that, and if I can, it's safe to say that I will be officially over Ginger Beer! Which will mean I will be the Master of All Things Beer. Which is STUNNING!
You can really find anything you want on the Internet.
Anyway, I have one more food success to tell you about my Exotic Wisconsin Vacation, but this is another story for another day. :-)

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