Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fear No Beer

I have done nothing in Wisconsin aside from eating sandwiches for every meal and drinking various liquids. Here are the ones worth mentioning!


Remember how I didn't like root beer? I conquered that one early on, then I never tried it again. The other day, we went to a place that makes their own root beer and has it on tap. And it was delicious! Safe to say I loved that root beer and I am glad I was able to have it!


I'm still on the Wisconsin Beer Quest. The ones from New Glarus are everywhere, and they seem to all be pretty good.... for beer, that is! I got daring and tried two lighter kinds of beer from New Glarus.... a "Honey Bock" and a "Spotted Cow." I got through both just fine! I'm actually getting used to light colored beers, which is kind of amazing!


We were at a bar and I decided it would be ok if I drank something besides beer! So I ordered the most dangerous cocktail on the menu. It contained Aquavit (which I had never had), Aperol (which I had also never had) and Sparkling Wine (which I'm still working on conquering). I was told the drink was similar to a Negroni, which I have never had. Well, I liked it! I never had any opinion about Aquavit it Aperol, but now, I have a positive opinion about them!


The Brandy Old Fashioned is a strange phenomenon in Wisconsin. Outside of WI, no one considers that an Old Fashioned should be made of anything besides bourbon..... inside WI, no one considers that they would be made with anything besides brandy! Well, we all know I consider the Old Fashioned to be one of my Top Three Favorite Cocktails (up there with a Manhattan and a gin Martini), and I like brandy just fine, so I wasn't too concerned with trying one. As expected, I liked it!

So, nothing but progress for me on this vacation! :-)

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