Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'd been thrown a bit off schedule by having to work last Saturday, so it had been a few weeks since we went to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. Not to disappoint you, but I didn't have big plans to buy too many weird things there. However, I did buy ingredients for the Mixed Citrus Green Salad I made for dinner tonight. (Side note: The main course was Roasty Soba Bowl with Miso Tahini, which I have to say, was pretty good! Very basic ingredients and super easy to make, but tasty and interesting!) Anyway, one of the mixed citrus that it wanted was grapefruit. Last time I bought a grapefruit at the Farmer's Market, I got it from Lie Lie Lying Farmers, who tricked me with their tales of a sweet grapefruit. So, I went to a different farmer this time, in search of a more perfect grapefruit! After all, not all grapefruits are created equal.
Here I am, inquiring about a grapefruit. This farmer seemed much more honest than the last ones!
My husband noticed a basket of grapefruits at the stand where I usually buy my limes, lemons and oranges. We were told it was "Very sweet, very juicy, but full of seeds." And this was an Honest Man! When I cut into that grapefruit, it sure had a lot of seeds in it! As I was doing my best to pick them out, I took a bite of that naked grapefruit, just to see how truthful that farmer really was. To my shock, it was sweet! Just a teeny tad of a bitter aftertaste, but really, it was fine. My husband also tried a naked piece of it, and declared it, "The Most Edible Grapefruit Ever." For the greens in the salad, I bought a Spicy Mix, and I tell ya, the radicchio (my new friend!) in the salad was the only bitter component. The grapefruit was actually good!

Now, I'm not going to jump the gun and say I am over grapefruit. But I can say, for the first time ever, I ate a grapefruit and actually liked it! Granted, this was a Very Special Grapefruit, but at least this is a step in the right direction!

I have a few other little announcements! Last night, my husband wanted me to make him a cocktail using the Canton Ginger I got him for his birthday. I ended up kinda winging it, and making him a concoction of Canton Ginger, Vodka (*shrug* he likes it), a squeeze of lemon and some Ginger Beer. He reports it was good! However, the whole bottle of Ginger Beer wouldn't fit into his glass. There was enough to fit into one of my generously sized shot glasses, so I took a shot of pure Ginger Beer, neat! Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I can tell you it gave me the same experience that most people have upon taking their first shot of whiskey... It was very intense, I made an awful face, and I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and a burn in my throat! BUT I DID IT! Soon, I'm gonna try and drink a whole glass of the stuff! Ginger Beer, not Whiskey! I am already capable of drinking a whole glass of whiskey, thank you very much!
Here I am after drinking that shot of Ginger Beer. I later ended up doing a Carmen Miranda impression with a potted plant on my head.
Finally, I have avoided it long enough..... the thing I most fear.... but I must be brave.... I bought another package of seaweed snacks today.... heaven help me!

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