Friday, May 18, 2012

Die With a T

I've stated, ad nauseum, that I strive to drink like Don Draper.... ok, not in quantity, but in quality! I also like to enjoy vegan versions of retro foods, when I can get my hands on them (and after craving Deviled Eggs for over a decade, and racking my brain own how the heck I could make a vegan Deviled Egg, just the other day, I accidently stumbled upon a recipe for them! Excited!!!). However, I did not covet the tragic diet breakfast that Betty Francis had on a recent episode of Mad Men. Yet, I found myself eating that exact breakfast this morning: Toast, cheese and a grapefruit half. Then, I went to the fridge and squirted half a can of Redi-Whip into my mouth. Oooooonly joking!
Here I am a few years ago, vacationing in Italy, before the days I had to eat grapefruit for breakfast.
 Something amazing happened during breakfast, aside from the sheer comedy of accidently eating a 1960's Weight Watchers breakfast. The grapefruit..... wasn't bad. It was a pink grapefruit, and perhaps this particular grapefruit was an extraordinarily mild one. Still, I was ok with eating it! Of course, I need to eat a few more before I can claim that I have conquered grapefruit. But maybe I am on my way?!? Shocking!!

I'm still trudging along with some of my old foes. I finished that entire bottle of Triple Berry juice. It was relatively painless. I think it is time for me to move up to 100% Cranberry juice again. I finished up a bottle of mineral water. That one still caused me some issues! In fact, I had the "genius" idea that maybe I could kill 2 mock birds with 1 stone, by combining some mineral water with some Triple Berry juice. It didn't help matters at all. 

In other water news, I drank a bottle of flavored water. It was Trader Joe's brand, Tropical flavor. And I'm not sure why I was under the impression that I didn't like flavored water? It was totally fine! I mean, I don't really see the point of it. I'd much rather quench my thirst with regular water, instead of water with sugar and flavor in it. And if I want a sweet drink, depending on the situation, I'd always turn to a ginger ale or a Manhattan. Still, there was nothing wrong with the taste of it! Maybe I'll try another flavor, just to be sure. And maybe one day, I'll be brave and drink my water in a restaurant and leave the slice of lemon in it, instead of immediately flinging the lemon into my husband's glass. That would be a major accomplishment!
Did I mention that Don Draper would never drink Flavored Water?
 I have big plans for lunch tomorrow.... I'm going to eat something I have never eaten in my life, because historically, I hated ALL of the components of it! But I am actually pretty sure I will love it now! Stay tuned! ;-)

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