Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Farro Story

I'm sorry that I haven't had much to say over the past week or so. The reason why is very simple: I haven't had much to eat over the past week or so! I've been eating light, basically in preparation for my upcoming trip to NJ, where I know I will be doing nothing much besides eating giant plates of pasta and drinking cocktails. Remember what happened to me the last time I visited NJ?!?
In case you forgot....
So, I've been eating a diet very high in veggies, and very low in processed foods and alcohol. Good for me, but bad for the purposes of this blog. But I'm still going to continue on... I'm not finished yet, and I haven't lost interest! I already have some things planned for the weekend.

I do have a few things to report. Nothing monumental, but just to prove that I've still been working on this project. The most exciting update is that I ate something I have never eaten before! It was farro, a whole grain which is similar to barley, and seems to be most popular in Italy. I didn't have any reason to think I wouldn't like farro, but before this project, I wouldn't have seen any reason to bother trying it. But this is about embracing new and exciting foods, so I made a Basil and Corn Farro Salad tonight. It was good! Admittedly, farro was a little high maintenance to prepare.... I had to soak it overnight, then boil it for 30 minutes, then I let the salad chill all day... I now understand why the recipe called for "precooked farro"... my farro had a reign that was a good deal longer than average!

It is not often I get to make a bad pun which would simultaneously make all of my Art History Professors *and* my Women's Studies Professors proud of me!*

Let's see..... I drank an entire bottle of mineral water. It's growing on me! Maybe 2 more bottles, and I'll be fine with the stuff. I've been working away on that chipotle flavored chocolate bar. I still haven't lost the sadness I feel from having the taste of chocolate in my mouth turn into an unsettling spicy aftertaste. And I haven't tried another seaweed snack, but I will force myself to eat another one soon. And as I said, I have planned one spectacularly nasty meal for myself this weekend!

* Besides, bringing Hatshepsut into this scenario kept my Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat references to a bare minimum, something for which you should all be thankful!

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