Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cranberry Conundrum

This will be a quickie. I cut my finger preparing dinner last night (stupid celery), and while it's not a bad cut, it hurts to type.

So, all I want to say is this. Remember when I was drinking that 100% cranberry juice, and it was awful? I followed someone's advice to start off with a cranberry blend instead, to slowly get myself used to the stuff. I got a bottle of Trader Joe's "Hibiscus Cranberry Blend." I figured, not only would this help me with cranberry juice, but it would help with my Flower Flavor issue as well!

I had the juice straight. And it was really good! Then, I had some with a squeeze of lime and a shot of rum, and that was pretty delicious. I was feeling proud of myself! Then, I looked at the ingredients.... seriously, there was so little actual cranberry in it, I don't think it even counts! It is apparently mostly apple and pear juices. :-/ I liked it and I'll keep drinking it, but I just think the cranberry is too diluted to really be able to further my cranberry cause. I'll probably have to go back to 100% cranberry, and then, just make my own blends at home, gradually making them more and more cranberrylicious.

One day, this is how I will feel about these badberries.
And I suppose there is a joke to be made about Cranberries and having a cut upon my finger, and how I hope it doesn't linger, but I'm not going to make a joke like that.

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  1. Ever had a straight up cranberry, like the thing itself? The way one would eat a blueberry? Makes a lemon seem like a spoonful of sugar. =)