Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the USSR

I've been working on a triad of troublesome drinks over the past three days!

1) As you probably guessed from the blog title, I had another Moscow Mule. I admit that when I took my first sip, I made a face that one would make upon French kissing an actual mule. However, I got through this Mule more easily than the first one. I still think that ginger beer tastes pretty bad when combined with stupid vodka, as opposed to when it includes black rum, which makes the Dark and Stormy at least tolerable. I am still afraid to try plain ginger beer, with no alcohol in it to help dilute its icky flavor.
In Russia, Moscow Mule drink YOU! What a country!
2) I am back on the 100% Cranberry Juice. Ah, the refreshing flavor of a UTI! :-/  I guess it's not as horrible as it was at first? Still, it's pretty tough.

3) Last night, I dug into my stash of Decaffeinated Tea For Old People, and I found a bag of "Thirty Herbs" tea. Well, I guess it was ok tasting. However, my herbal tea experience was sullied by my husband, who chose the very moment I was drinking my unsweetened, herbal tea, to sit next to me and eat a pile of nachos with real cheese sauce (part of his birthday present). It smelled SO GOOD, I was filled with longing, and I felt pretty unsatisfied sitting there drinking a mug of warm herbs. :-( However, this did inspire me to find an exciting recipe for vegan nacho cheese sauce, which I will make for myself as soon as I am not "eating light". 
Currently, there aren't many things I would rather eat that this.
 Nothing else to report today! Ciao!

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