Monday, May 14, 2012

Cranberry Fields Forever :-/

Just a short update today, on a couple of issues I haven't mentioned in a while.

I'm back on the Cranberry Juice Wagon. Remember, I started off with 100%, unsweetened Cranberry Juice. That didn't go well. I then followed a suggestion to go with a blend, so I tried a Cranberry Hibiscus juice, but I disqualified that option after I realized it was mostly apple and pear juice, which explained why it tasted so good. So, let's see if my third try is a charm! I have been drinking from a bottle of Triple Berry Blend. It's a combo of unsweetened Cranberry, Pomegranate and Blueberry juices. I love blueberries and I'm ok with pomegranates. Due to their contributions, I guess this blend is a tad more tolerable than the straight up Cranberry juice. I'm not exactly lovin' it, but at least I can drink it without making a face or any audible reactions of disgust. Progress? ;-)
I am currently so high in antioxidants that there isn't a free radical within a mile of me.
 I'm sure you're all just dying of curiosity about the status of my recipe collection, right?!? I'm still chugging away at entering stuff into that amazing recipe app, but at this point, I've definitely entered all of the essentials into it. Essentials, meaning I have put about 2000 recipes into the thing! I have also gone through ALL of my binders of cut out recipes.... and cleaned them ALL out! This is HUGE! I got rid of a lot of the recipes in them, either because they were redundant, or I got real with myself that I was honestly never going to make them, so I *gasp* threw about 1500 into the recycle bin! I have about 300 recipes that I want to keep left to enter into the app. And the very instant I get a new Cooking Light or Eating Well, I put the new recipes I want to make into the app immediately, so I don't start a new pile up of paper recipes. Organizing those 5000 recipes I had collected is probably one of the greatest accomplishments of my entire life. :-D Even better than being able to take the Advanced Cardio Barre class! Of course, I suddenly realize that it's because of those 5000 recipes that I have to take Cardio Barre at all. Hmmmm.
One thing did lead to another, but I've been trying hard to fixx my problems!
Finally, I have no idea why, but I had a large increase in page views this weekend. I have no idea who you people are, but thanks for coming and reading my terrible puns. Hopefully, they didn't scare you all away!

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