Friday, March 16, 2012

One Beer Down, Two To Go

I have realized that if something has the word "beer" in it, I generally don't like it. You all know of my issues with *beer* beer. I'll try to address that one in a shocking and radical way on St. Patrick's Day. I also hate ginger beer, which I will deal with in the near future. But first, I figured I would tangle with the least nasty of the Terrible Trio: Root Beer

Over the course of my life, I've tasted various types of root beer, dozens of times. I could never handle more than about two sips, before that Sarsaparilla flavor took me down. Most recently, I tasted it about two months ago. Hubby and I were at the movies, and due to having a Groupon, we got to be luxurious beasts and actually get popcorn and drinks at the movies. This NEVER happens! Anyway, Hubby went a bit wild putting cayenne pepper on his corn. I tasted it. While I can handle a decent level of spiciness, I definitely didn't appreciate this Picante Popcorn! I asked for a taste of his drink, to get rid of the bad flavor in my mouth. I was so desperate, I didn't care that what he had to offer me was root beer. I took a gigantic gulp, and was instantly reminded of why I don't like root beer! The Cayenne Corn tasted better than the root beer!

I decided to start with what I figured would be a bland root beer. It was Hansen's Diet Natural Root Beer. First sip = awful. Second sip = bad. Now, I was in alien territory with root beer and was about to go farther than I had ever gone before! Third sip = not good. Fourth sip = hmmmmm, I guess I've tasted worse things. Fifth sip = This stuff is actually ok. By the end of the can, I realized that I could drink root beer again in the future, if need be. I guess the key was just to get past that second sip, which I had never in my life managed to do!

Next time, I'll try a more authentic root beer. And I will also be sure to try it with food! And whilst donning a shoulder baring gown!

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