Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holy Moly, Guacamole!

As previously mentioned, my husband is a good sport, and has decided to travel on this food journey with me. This week alone, he faced almost all of his Food Fears, with largely triumphant results. He suddenly likes mustard. He enjoyed the Hoegaarden beer we drank yesterday (I didn't enjoy it very much... but I'll keep on keeping on with the beer). He thought the pasta with the sweet potatoes in it was ok. He even ate half of the Broiled Grapefruit yesterday! I wasn't going to suggest he try grapefruit, but he offered to eat it. That one, he didn't care for, understandably, because grapefruit truly tastes terrible! Today, he he was willing to try another Hated Food.... a food I cannot understand anyone (especially a lifelong Californian!!!) having a problem with! Perhaps nature's most wonderful gift: The Avocado.

I made Beef and Bean Enchiladas today, so what better time to try and ease my Hubby into avocados by making a batch of The Best Dip in the History of Dips, guacamole! I didn't have a tried and true guac recipe... since I've been with my husband, I have had no occasion to make it! I wouldn't dare make it just for myself, as that is asking for trouble! I decided to make This Guacamole. I bumped down the amount of avocado in it a bit, and bumped up the tomatoes, lime juice and salt, in hopes of making it more palatable for Hubby.

Guess who likes guacamole now?!? Amazing!

Hubby admitted that he wasn't just tolerating it, but that he actually liked it. He agreed that the extra lime juice was the key to making it tastier to him. And he made a comment that sums up the entire meaning of this experiment: Sometimes, you just have to get over yourself.

And as for me getting over myself.... friends, I ate raw onion 3 times over the past 24 hours. Once, in my panzanella. Again, at dinner last night. We went and had a fancy dinner at Inn of the Seventh Ray, and I set out to only eat things I liked, but my salad showed up with many slices of red onion on it, and instead of pushing them into a reject pile on the side of my plate, I ate them all, pretty much with no problem. And that guacamole I made today? Well, it called for diced raw onion. And in the past, I never would have risked ruining something as lovely as guacamole by tainting it with raw onions, but I remembered my new mantra: If it isn't an important part of a recipe, it wouldn't be in the recipe at all. So, in went the raw onions! And while the guac surely would have been very delicious without the onions in it, I can't say it was sullied by the onions. I will keep on spending time with my alliaceous friends until I can't understand how I lived so long without them.

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