Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking Through A Raw Onion

First, my blog readers, a disclaimer. I am still in NJ. Which means extra eating, and also, extra drinking.... often with someone else to drive. I admit, I had 2 martinis tonight. And for some reason, they knocked my socks off! So, forgive my typos!

The past 48 hours in NJ has been an eating frenzy. Admittedly, there aren't always a ton of vegan options.... but the vegan options that there are tend to be a bit more extravagent in the calorie department than my usual diet. Yesterday, I went to bed feeling disgusting, and vowing that I would return to LA to a diet of salads and Cardio Barre classes every day! This was caused my those pierogies from Saturday night.... followed by Sunday, where I accidently ordered the Biggest Vegan Chicken Parm Sandwich in the History of Sandwiches. That damn sandwich was literally 12 inches long. Half of it is still in the refrigerator, as I bit off way more than I could chew with that one! Then, there were the two Family Sized bags of Utz Potato Chips that were waiting on my bed when I got here.... My mother is obsessed with buying my husband and me Utz Potato Chips after my husband became curious about them from an early season of "Mad Men".... he didn't imagine it was actually a real product. And there were also 3 of those 500 calorie Alternative Baking Company cookies waiting for me..... and I surely ate my fair share of Utz and an ABC Cookie while watching the "Mas Men" primere last night! So, I woke up today feeling disgusting and huge.... and in the words of my husband, that I was going to return to Slimmons this week and I would be so big, that Richard Simmons wouldn't even recognize me anymore, and instead, he would ask, "Who is that little fat girl?!?"

Anyway, yesterday, I didn't have too much say about my food (except for the Biggest Vegan Chicken Parm Sandwich in the History of Sandwiches). I had lunch at a baby shower. And you will be pleased to know I was given a fruit salad full of grapefruit! I ate it all. I didn't love it, but I ate every bit of the fruit of the grape.

Today, I woke up disgusting and huge. I decided that a salad for lunch would suffice! The menu stated this salad would include mixed greens, olives and avocado.... but it didn't mention the rings of raw onion it would have on it! You would have been so proud of me... I ate the raw onions. Not even wussy red onions, but regular old raw, white onions! Which are Nunber 1 on my list of hated foods. And you know what? They weren't bad. I didn't mind eating them! Not until an hour later, when I realized I had the Worst Onion Breath Ever, and here I was, about to interact with my friend's newborn. :-/ So, I realized something about those raw onions... I *can* eat them, but I probably shouldn't, if I don't want to offend the world around me.

Ok, those Martinis are still getting to me. I shouldn't write anymore. I've already been too gregarious! And I should go to sleep. Talk to you again from Los Angeles!

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