Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Unpicky Triumph

Tonight, I found myself in the exact situation that inspired me to start this project! And I was so proud of myself for being able to face my dinner without fear!

We went to eat with my parents and some family friends. The daughter of the friends recently opened an upscale Italian restaurant in our hometown, so we all ate there. I had perused the menu online, and while there was nothing stunning that was possibly vegan, there was a spinach salad I figured I could get, sans bacon and cheese, as well as your typical pasta with fresh tomato basil sauce. Well, the chef had been warned about the pansy vegan coming to dinner, but I was shocked at how ready he was for me! As I began to place my order, the owner interrupted me and said that the chef had prepared a vegan three course meal for me! So, I had no say in my dinner.... but now that I am The Unpicky Vegan, I also was also not afraid of being given something I don't like. The subject came up that I just had to say so if I was given something I don't like, and it sure was liberating to be able to emphatically say, "I like everything! As long as it's vegan, I'm cool with it!"

My dinner was great! It included several things that I would not have eaten 10 years ago (raw tomatoes, asparagus) and 1 thing I wouldn't have eaten before this project (pickled onions). I was SO GLAD I was able to completely clear my plates of all three courses. I mean, how shitty would it be after someone went through such a special effort to accommodate me, if I rejected anything I was given? Not only would that be annoying for everyone, but it is borderline rude! But mostly, it's just annoying to be That Picky Bitch. Tonight, I was NOT That Picky Bitch, and what a relief it was!

Guys, if there is an extremely common food that you refuse to eat, I highly recommend that you just get over yourself and learn to at least tolerate it. Friends don't let friends be Picky Bitches! ;-)

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