Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cool Jerk

It took 48 hours in NJ before I reached my Food Overload Point. This was after dinner last night. I made a vow that I was going to eat salad for lunch today. But when we reached our lunch destination, my salad plan went out the window. Because one of the lunch specials today was a veggie burger with a jerk flavored BBQ sauce. And, as I have mentioned, I was under the impression that I didn't like "jerk" flavored foods. I don't often encounter jerky foods, so I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by.

As I ate my burger, I realized that *I* am the jerk! I'm not sure why I had been living under the impressing that I don't like jerky foods. It was good! Maybe it was an atypical jerk, so I do want to try another jerk before I claim a victory, but I can't imagine that I will have an issue with it! In the meantime, I will mourn all of the jerks I could have known over the years, but that I never knew, because I stubbornly assumed that I wouldn't like a jerk!

Before I go, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed some of my new friends yesterday. I had a magnificent Everything Bagel for breakfast, to make up for all of those lost years that I refused them. My lunch included a lovely salad of arugula, avocados, and strawberries, but I never would have ordered it in the past, because it also included radishes. But I got to enjoy it because I have thoroughly embraced radishes! And then, I ate My Second Reuben. And it was fantastic! My life really has been improved by embracing my former enemies!

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