Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Gal Who Ate Nothing

I finally have a moment to update my blog! As I mentioned, my work load has gone bananas lately. I was swamped before I went away last week, and immediately upon my return home, I was SWAMPED again!

However, once again, I'm back in Eating Light mode.... which seriously cramps my ability to Eat Everything Vegan! In solidarity with my husband, who wants to be in Tip Top Shape for a big work event next month, we're both doing the 'ol High in Fresh Produce & Whole Grains  / Low in Processed Foods, Sugar & Alcohol routine again. Meaning, this is not the month I'll be overcoming my fears of tiramisu, green tea flavored desserts or ginger beer. However, I have plenty of time to work on grapefruit and mineral water! :-/

Speaking of which, I did just eat half a grapefruit. And you know, it really wasn't that bad! I'm inching towards the finish line with those bad boys!

Also, I told you of my stunning success at my Special Vegan Three Course Dinner That I Had No Say In, but there was almost another major triumph from this project while I was away. I mentioned that my husband always believed that the single most important thing for me to like was Earl Grey Tea, since it is often the only black tea option at the pansy vegan places I often eat at. Well, on the day we flew to NJ, I hadn't had ANY tea... and it was about 7:30 PM EST (4:30 PM in my West Coast Body).... which is well into the Danger Zone! I asked the waiter at the pansy vegan restaurant we were at what kind of tea they had with caffeine in it. Sure enough, only Earl Grey! I could actually feel my husband thinking, "I told you so!" So, I proudly and confidently ordered an Earl Grey. Alas, it turned out they didn't have Earl Grey either, so I had to resort to black coffee... which explains why my husband was ready to crash and burn by 9 PM that night, whereas I was ready to boogie til dawn. ;-)
This is what my husband looked like when I tried to convince him to paint the town red with me that caffeinated night in NJ!
I'm sure I'll have something to report within the next several days. Until then, I'll be spending most of my time obsessing over the fact that there is now a Grilled Cheese Restaurant in LA that has VEGAN OPTIONS! Since I have heard about it, I have thought about nothing else.... a direct result of all of this healthy eating, I'm sure!

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