Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grapefruit Expectations

As you know, my husband and I are in Eating Light mode. I just found myself in need of an afternoon snack, so of course I took that opportunity to spend a little time working on a grapefruit. And this was perhaps the grapefruit that broke the vegan's back. Because I really came to grips with the fact that, when it comes to grapefruit, I've gone about as fer as I can go!
Here I am realizing that I CAN, in fact, say No!
This is what happened to me. I decided that I was going to eat a plain old grapefruit. Which I started to do... and I could do it without much fuss, but I cain't say I enjoyed it! So, I went ahead and put just a tiny drizzle of agave on it... boy, did that little bit of agave make a huge difference! Honestly, I liked the grapefruit just fine. Not my favorite citrus fruit.... in fact, surely my least favorite... but I ate it without any trouble nor any complaints (except for the complaint I uttered when I accidently squirted myself in the eye with wayward grapefruit juice!). And that, I think is GOOD ENOUGH!

So what if I can't eat a plain grapefruit! Who on Earth actually does that, anyway?!? Doesn't everybody put a little sugar or honey on it?!? Why then should I hold myself to a higher standard than 99% of the human population?

The fact is, I have made HUGE progress with grapefruits. I went from not being able to deal with them at all, to being able to eat and drink them (without making a face!) in pretty much every normal context. I can eat them in a salad, I can eat them in a fruit cup, I can drink them in a cocktail, I can eat them right out of the peel, with my little grapefruit spoon. Remember, my main goal with grapefruit was to make sure I'm not ever the Biggest Pain in the Ass Vegan again, and that if a kindly old lady ever gives me a grapefruit for breakfast again, I shall be able to grapefully ;-) accept it, and not wince nor cry. And I have met that goal!

However, I *will* wince and cry if this is what I get on my upcoming birthday!!!
I really do live a life now in which I do not dread encountering grapefruit. I can accept it when it is given to me unexpectedly, and I can easily imagine willingly ordering a salad or a drink that contains my former foe. And far as I'm concerned, grapefruit, you are CONQUERED!

But I'm still very much afraid of those seaweed snacks....

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