Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Gal Who Ate An Everything Bagel

Sorry for the lack of links and photos... it's hard to accomplish them on the iPad!

Anyway, as expected, my time in NJ has been filled with comfort food. I know it is a dance with the actual NJ Devil, since this very meal set me in motion towards becoming a big, fat, caterpillar on my last trip to NJ, but yet, I could not resist getting those damn vegan pierogies! And tonight, I made a pretty major discovery: a soul food restaurant, right in my hometown, that actually has a Vegan section on their menu! I have eaten vegan soul food in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, Oakland and Sacramento, but I NEVER expected to find such a thing at the Jersey Shore. So, this was exciting, but not exactly challenging.

However, the real reason I wanted to pop on here tonight was to tell of you the major event that happened this morning. Clearly, this is NJ, so there are always bagels for breakfast. And as I have mentioned, I only ever ate the plain ones. I'm not kidding. I never before deviated from a plain NJ bagel. Well, I remembered how I had successfully eaten those Everything Pretzel Slims a month or so ago, so I threw caution to the wind..... and got an Everything Bagel! And let me tell you... It was DELICIOUS! DeGodDamnLicious! Everything Bagel, where have you been all my life?!? Oh yeah, right in front of my face, but I always rejected you for your plain brother! What a fool I was! I sure am glad I got over myself and allowed myself to taste your beauty before (hopefully!) half of my very life is over!

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  1. Everything bagels are the best! Yay! (Caveat: I prefer the "everything" not include rye seeds. Not because I hate them, I just think they're really strong and sort of take over, flavor-wise.)