Monday, August 6, 2012

Whatsoever a Vegan Soweth, That Shall She Also Eat

I haven't had a chance to conquer anything new this week, but I have definitely had some occasions of reaping the benefits of my hard work over the past 5 months! For example, here is the big one, which I myself am still shocked about!

When I think back to the Summer of 2012, I will sum it up with 3 words.... well, if I were being negative, I suppose I could also sum it up in a couple of 2 word phrases, namely "hurt knee" and "headless rat"... but since those are not the ways I want to recall this summer, the 3 little words that most accurately evoke this summer have been Gin And Tonic.
Summer of 2012
It's the craziest thing. I hated them! Then, I tolerated them. Now, I somehow LOVE them! I've gone wild with the G&T's! No kidding, every single time (but maybe once) I have had something to drink at a bar over the past 4 weeks or so, I've started with a Gin and Tonic.  Most notably, was the one I had at a place called Sly's (that link goes right to their Classic Cocktail Menu, which was great! Check it out!) in Carpinteria, where they make their own tonic water, giving the G&T an unusual amber hue.
Homemade tonic. Looks so weird, tastes so good!
Anyway, this whole G&T Obsession is the most striking success in this whole project, right up there with how I now LOVE sauerkraut and I can sit back and enjoy a cold beer!

Other things have happened lately as well. For one, I went out for a very nice Italian dinner for my anniversary and received a salad that was just chock full o' radicchio. And I enjoyed it very much! And get this! I had lunch at Sage Bistro the other day. And I admit I wanted to eat something that looked good to me, which is why I went ahead and ordered the Mac and Cheese Balls.... True, I had actually never eaten a Mac and Cheese Ball before, but there is no way I wasn't going to like them, so they do not count as having something outside of my comfort zone! However, I was offered a taste of something I would have never NEVER had dared to put within 10 feet of my mouth before I decided to embark upon this journey. It was vegan ice cream (which I like ok, but I'm not a huge ice cream eater).... in fact, it was RAW vegan ice cream (which I did try once, and wasn't impressed.... and thankfully, I don't have to learn to like it, since I disqualified raw food from my quest).... and to make matters even more disgusting, it was raw vegan ice cream made with SPIRULINA! How much badness can you fit into 1 dessert!?!? :-D Regardless, I am brave now, so I ate a bite! Well, probably won't do that again! ;-)

Tonight, I try again to deal with one of my old enemies.... I'll report back soon!

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